The NSW Government’s decision to lift stay at home orders in the Tweed from 1201am Saturday 11th September is a win for the people and a signal to Queensland that it is time to end the catastrophic border division, Tweed Nationals MP Geoff Provest has declared.

“This NSW Government decision to end the lockdown owes as much to the self-discipline that led to our healthy COVID record as to the intense popular pressure I was armed with when I argued our case with the Premier and Deputy Premier,” Mr Provest said.

“All that pressure now needs to be applied to the Queensland Government to restore border sanity.”

Mr Provest said with the Tweed and the Northern Rivers not only having a healthier COVID record than south east Queensland but now also endorsed as safe by the NSW Chief Medical Officer, it made no sense for Queensland Labor to continue separating patients from doctors, children from parents and employees from workplaces.

“The Tweed’s message to Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk is listen to the people, listen to the science, listen to reason and restore the border zone today,” Mr Provest concluded.