Each year thousands of people from across Tweed readily volunteer their time to help others without asking for anything in return.

Volunteers are committed to supporting important local causes including young people, families in need, the environment and people with a disability. They’re at the centre of our community and help make it the caring, compassionate and kind-hearted place we all know.

While their social contribution is immeasurable, recent analysis from the Productivity Commission values their economic contribution at more than $5 billion each year across NSW.

A great way to give something back to all our amazing volunteers is to say thank you by nominating them for the 2018 NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards. The awards are organised by the Centre for Volunteering and are the largest formal celebration of volunteering in Australia.

A regional award ceremony will be held in our local area from August, with a number of special volunteers chosen to represent us at the state ceremony later in the year.

You can nominate your neighbours, colleagues or family members for one of seven award categories.

Nominations close on Friday July 13.

To nominate your volunteers go to www.volunteering.com.au