The NSW Government has committed $290,000 to match funding by Tweed Shire Council to help improve the entrance to Mooball Creek at Pottsville.

Member for Tweed Geoff Provest said Transport for NSW would support council’s plans to upgrade the rock wall entrance to the channel.

“The training walls at the mouth of this channel were built in the 1970s to train the flow of water out to sea,” Mr Provest said.

“These walls are in poor condition, with visible gaps along the crest from their constant exposure to the elements in a dynamic coastal environment.

“It is believed their poor condition may be contributing to the silting up of the creek mouth, preventing upstream waters flowing to the ocean.

“While the walls currently pose no risk to public safety, without upgrade work there is likely to be a continued build-up of sand at the entrance.

“Bolstering the sea walls will serve two purposes – they will help with floodplain management for the Pottsville community and ensure that Mooball Creek continues to be a popular recreational boating destination.

“The creek is extremely shallow at the entrance and upstream to the boat ramp beyond the Tweed Coast Road Bridge.”

The NSW Government funding commitment to assist with work by Tweed Shire Council follows the transfer of coastal infrastructure responsibilities to Transport for NSW.