Boaters across Tweed are being urged to Log on/Log off when they head out on our waterways this summer to ensure emergency services can come to their aid.

Member for Tweed Geoff Provest encouraged boaters to enjoy the summer season but to make sure they’re taking some simple steps to stay safe on the water.

Marine Rescue Point Danger report that with every 100 vessels that head out across our bar only 30-40 are registering their trips.

“A great day out on the boat with family and friends can quickly turn treacherous if you’re not properly prepared,” Mr Provest said.

“The Log On/Log Off system is a simple strategy developed by Marine Rescue NSW that enables volunteers to send help in an emergency.

“All that’s required is for boaters to provide some information to their local Marine Rescue unit ahead of time so they know where you are, and what time you’re expected to be back to shore,” Mr Provest said.

“You can record the information using the free MarineRescue App – it’s a really easy step to ensure help is provided when needed.

“Boaters can also call their Marine Rescue NSW base on their marine radio or mobile phone to inform them that you are heading out.

“If you’re not back or if there’s any kind of emergency they can quickly raise the alarm and dispatch vessels to check on your welfare, or put calls out to other agencies, if required.”

The following information is required to Log On:

  • Vessel name and registration number
  • Time and place of departure
  • Destination and expected time of return
  • The number of people on board
  • Communications gear on board (eg VHF radio, 27 MHz radio, mobile phone)
  • Mobile number
  • The name and number of your emergency contact on shore
  • Vessel type and length
  • Hull and topsides colour
  • Where the vessel is usually kept/launched
  • Vehicle and trailer details (including registration), if relevant

“Our Marine Rescue volunteers in Tweed do a brilliant job in safeguarding our community, so let’s help them help us by taking these simple precautions,” Mr Provest said.

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