Women who have IVF or other assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments in private clinics can now claim a $2,000 rebate in an Australian first thanks to the NSW Government.

Member for Tweed Geoff Provest MP said the $80 million expansion to the NSW Affordable IVF Initiative, announced as part of the NSW Government’s 2022-2023 Budget, will extend rebates for pre-IVF fertility testing, introduce a new $2,000 rebate for fertility treatment, increase the number of IVF treatment places in publicly-supported clinics and increase fertility preservation services for patients with a medical need.

“The new $2,000 fertility treatment rebate will help around 12,000 women with out-of-pocket costs and see fertility treatments become more widely accessible to NSW families,” Mr Provest said.

“We know these treatments take more than just an emotional toll – they can also be prohibitively expensive.”

“No one should be denied the opportunity to start a family because of cost.”

The cash rebate is the first of its kind in Australia and eligible women can apply for it now through their MyService NSW account or in person at a Service NSW Service Centre.

Mr Provest said the NSW Government is committed to making the road to parenthood smoother for anyone struggling with infertility.

“This rebate will make NSW one of the most affordable places in the world to have IVF treatment, easing the burden on families trying to have a baby,” Mr Provest said.

To be eligible for the $2,000 rebate you must:

  • Be a resident of NSW,
  • Have incurred an out-of-pocket cost from a registered private provider, and
  • Have accessed the treatment from 1 October 2022.

More information on how to submit an application form for the rebate is available on the Service NSW website here.

Further information on how the NSW Government is working to improve affordability and access to IVF services in NSW is available online here.