The new Tweed Hospital is at risk of major delays due to a push by the NSW Labor party to have the project brought to a stand-still.

Member for Tweed, Geoff Provest, said despite extensive community consultation and expert planning, NSW Labor is still insisting the project be delayed and used for election campaign material.

“Our community cannot risk delays to this project,” Mr Provest said.

“Lives depend on this. The health of our community depends on this.

“Together we fought for a new hospital, now together we will build a new hospital.

“There are people in our community crying out for life-saving treatment that doesn’t require them to travel to another state, yet the NSW Labor party think it’s okay to play politics – it is disgraceful.”

Health Minister Brad Hazzard announced on Saturday 30 June the new $534 million dollar hospital would be located opposite Kingscliff TAFE following extensive community feedback.

During community engagement sessions, more than 600 people were consulted, and almost 700 written submissions were received. Around 50 per cent of people spoken to supported the Kingscliff site; a further 25 per cent were neutral; and the remaining 25 per cent opposed.

Mr Provest said Labor’s plan has always been to oppose the Kingscliff site regardless of the result of community consultation and independent expert advice.

“Let’s be clear on what is happening here – NSW Labor has announced they will build the hospital on a different site, contradicting the results of community feedback, and expert advice, which begs the question, why?” he said.

“I refuse to stand by and see this project hijacked for political purposes. The time for talk is done, let’s get on with it and build the hospital our community needs and deserves.

“If the Labor party think they can push this project back in the hope of redirecting the funding to projects that suit their political agenda in the major cities, then they are in for a rude shock.”