NSW Labor has shown again it is committed only to telling lies, and that it doesn’t support a new hospital for the Tweed community.

On a day when the NSW government marked the commencement of major works on the $673 million Tweed Valley Hospital, Labor is upset that even more beds and new facilities are on their way to the far North Coast.

“They’ve never wanted a new hospital for the Tweed, that’s why they can’t accept we are building a world class facility which ensures more than 5,000 patients each year will not have to travel outside of the area and away from their families to access life-saving treatments,” Tweed MP Geoff Provest said.

“This is a public hospital built for the public and a wonderful asset for the community.”

Up to 650 construction jobs will be created for the local community and the new hospital will almost double the capacity of the existing facility.

“This upgrade will cater for forecast growth in the region and it will also bring education and training opportunities,” Mr Provest said.

“Labor runs scare campaign based on lies because it simply can’t accept that the people of the Tweed deserve this huge investment in their future.  That’s why you can’t trust them to build a hospital and that’s why they couldn’t build any last time they were in government.”

Geoff Provest said the coalition NSW government is committed to delivering fully funded and well planned health infrastructure now and into the future.