In the past few months the Tweed-Byron Police Command has received 5 probationary constables, has been allocated an additional 6 General Duty positions as well as 2 additional Criminal Investigation positions.  These allocations are thanks to the re-engineering of the NSW Police Force initiated by Police Commissioner Fuller. As a self-proclaimed expert on policing, the Labor candidate would appreciate the importance of new positions over an allocation of probationary constables at every attestation.

Accusing the Nationals of interfering in the allocation of police resources is nothing more than a poor attempt to score cheap political points when police numbers are currently at a record high with 994 new positions added since 2011. The Liberal & Nationals Government committed to boosting the authorised police strength to 16,795 over this term of government and we have already exceeded that commitment. Commissioner Fuller has my complete backing and I look forward to more positive announcements about policing in the future.


Geoff Provest MP
Member for Tweed