Closing border to essential workers is risking lives – healthy Tweed stats warrant return to earlier border zone system

Tweed Nationals MP Geoff Provest says the Queensland Government is being economical with the truth when it claimed today it is “doing all it can to ease the Tweed border situation” and that the Tweed’s superior COVID stats justify a return to the border zone system.

“The arbitrary border restrictions are imposed by the Queensland Premier and only she has the power to lift or at least modify them,” Mr Provest said.

“Stopping essential workers, including medical professionals from crossing the border doesn’t save any lives it puts lives at risk.”

Mr Provest said that made no medical sense given that the Tweed has a better COVID record than Queensland, no active cases and a greater proportion of people vaccinated.”

“The stats show an immediate return to the border zone system we had in place until recently is the healthiest option for both communities.”

“Queensland knows full well its proposal to move the checkpoints across the Tweed River is not possible in the short term, it is just using this fantasy to distract people from the dire problems of its own making,” Mr Provest said.