The NSW Nationals in Government are investing $375,000 for design work to improve road safety at the border crossing between Queensland and NSW, Tweed Nationals MP Geoff Provest has revealed.

“Given that the Gold Coast Airport is mostly in NSW, it’s only fair that NSW residents have easy access without having to take a longer route via the Queensland side of the border,” Mr Provest said.

“The grant made available from the NSW Cross-Border Commissioner’s Infrastructure Fund will progress design work on the NSW Southern Entryway project at Coolangatta, providing a vital blueprint for safely increasing and managing road traffic travelling between NSW and Queensland.”

The project involves the construction of an intersection on the Gold Coast Highway, and will serve as a second access way within NSW, to provide immediate and safe access to NSW traffic.

“The design work made possible by this funding will show what needs to be done to build a new intersection on the Gold Coast Highway, which is expected to include a connection road, internal roundabout and new signals.”